Photos from Megacon and Momocon 2019 Featuring David Tennant

This isn’t going to be your typical post from me with a breathy story about how I found myself shaking hands with David Tennant… I am really just writing this to inform anyone willing to listen that I met The Man… The Legend… The Doctor… The one and only David Tennant. I still haven’t washed my hand… Continue reading “Photos from Megacon and Momocon 2019 Featuring David Tennant”

Completed Korok Stuffed Doll

How I Made My First Korok Stuffed Doll

This isn’t so much a tutorial on how to make a Korok doll as it is a “here’s how I stumbled my way through making a Korok Doll”. The story starts back in 2010. Continue reading “How I Made My First Korok Stuffed Doll”

Master Chief Mannequin: Part 1

As the cold air gets more bite here in the South, I find it harder to get myself out into the shop to work on my projects. In turn, I have little to discuss with you here on the blog. I did manage, despite my insatiable want to do nothing, to get out into the shop and finish up the mannequin for the Master Chief Cosplay I mentioned last month. Continue reading “Master Chief Mannequin: Part 1”

Diagnose and Repair the McElroy120V Heater Unit: Power Cord Repair

Depending on the kind of person you are, you may find the following blog post extremely interesting, or extremely boring. Apologies in advance to those of you that fall into the latter grouping. Continue reading “Diagnose and Repair the McElroy120V Heater Unit: Power Cord Repair”

Master Chief Armor Mods: Part 2

In my last post, I went over quite a few modifications I made to my armor. Most of the modifications were cosmetic or structural issues in nature. This week I have been busy with a few different projects and only had time for one major update to the armor. Continue reading “Master Chief Armor Mods: Part 2”

Master Cheif Armor Mods: Part 1

Now that all of the Christmas gifts have been returned and half of my the New Years resolutions have been broken, I can happily refocus my attention on my ever-growing list of unfinished projects. Currently, all of my attention is on modifying my Master Chief Costume. Continue reading “Master Cheif Armor Mods: Part 1”